Smart, connected systems for efficient installation, safe production and accurate planning.

An effective tranquility!

Monitor your installation in real time

  • Compair's iConn platform allows customers to remotely monitor their facilities for real-time analysis of the performance and condition of their entire compressed air network.
  • The Beko Metpoint BDL is an innovative data logger for capturing critical process parameters for compressed air or gas applications.
  • Easy to use, they are part of your 4.0 management.


Export, analyze, anticipate, act

  • Receive alerts, machine faults in real time and read the main remote measurement criteria including flow, pressure dew point, pressure, active power, temperature and residual oil vapour content..
  • Export master data for analysis and real-time understanding of machine performance.
  • Anticipate failures, work more in preventive and predictive mode. Maintenance routines can be planned based on real-time data. Engineers and technicians can be optimised according to the machine schedules.
  • Act, solve unexpected problems or breakdowns faster. Optimize production and increase the energy efficiency of the installations.