Leasing, a flexible and scalable financing solution


The food processing company opted for a flexible solution by choosing a rental contract for its compressed air system to avoid a heavy investment.

The initial fleet consisted of the following units:

3 Compair lubricated rotary screw compressors, 1 Claind nitrogen generator, 1 BEKO Clearpoint air treatment, 1 BEKO Drypoint refrigeration dryer

The forecasted 150% increase in activity required a readjustment of the compressed air production capacity.


Solutions provided:

The flexibility of the rental contract has allowed us to double the amount of equipment.



The company has adapted its machinery to the evolution of its production while preserving its financing capacity and its cash flow.

Respect the sanitary standards

The knowledge of your industry, the sanitary standards and the different air classes allows us to recommend an installation that guarantees air purity throughout the production or supply chain.


A reduction in costs

High quality air makes your plant more efficient and keeps it running longer.



Your uses, our business, Airmax makes your life easier

Our expertise at your service:

  • Blowing clean air on your production or conveying line
  • Generate industrial vacuum
  • Produce nitrogen
  • Controlling your energy budget
  • Realization of air quality audit
  • Installation of oil-free compressors
  • Compliance with ISO standards
  • Installation of air treatment lines with activated carbon column and/or catalyst
  • Control and measurement with adapted instrumentation


Client project

Client project