Measurement and instrumentation tools that meet the ISO 50 001 standard

All the solutions to reduce your impact on the climate

The Iso 50 001 standard, for whom, why?

The ISO 50 001 standard was developed to help organizations that want to reduce their impact on the environment and preserve the earth's resources.


Improve your results with data management

With effective data management it is possible to improve your results in terms of energy spent. 

The ISO 50001 standard is an option, but not a requirement.


Tools to help you comply

The flow meter

A air flow meter is a mechanical part which has for objective to measure the mass ofair and its temperature entering the engine (air intake) in order to transmit this information to the engine computer.


Pressure transducer

The pressure sensor detects low pressure in the line, which indicates a leak or compressor shutdown. 


Hygrometric probe

The humidity sensor is a reliable and long term stable dew point sensor for industrial applications. This solution uses a brand new sensor technology that delivers stable measurement signals even at very low humidity, providing reliable and accurate measurements down to dew point temperatures of -100 °C


ICONN Solution

New iConn service provides compressed air users with real-time, in-depth knowledge about their system, essential for accurate production planning and peace of mind about their investment.

  • Technicians are alerted to alarms and problems before they know there is a problem.
  • Stay in touch with your compressors. At any time. Anywhere.