Learn all about heat recovery from your compressor

Did you know that? Each compressor converts 100% of the electrical energy consumed into heat energy.

Bonus! By installing a heat recovery unit on an air compressor, you will save significant money. Indeed, the recuperator allows you to reduce CO2 emissions and to reduce your heating consumption.

You should know that 96% of the energy consumed by the compressors can be recovered and recycled through heat recovery systems. About 2% of this energy is retained in the compressed air. The remaining 2% is dissipated by radiation.

This recycled energy can be put to good use! For example:
🏠 For heating buildings,
💧 For hot water supply,
🏭 As process heat.

Heat recovery has become essential for a company. It is crucial to choose the most optimal technical solution, the one that best suits your needs.

Convinced by heat recovery?