Environmental standards and regulations: Energy efficiency actions on compressed air systems

The energy and ecological transition is now a priority.

Whether the implementation of an energy standard or regulation is voluntary or mandatory, it is becoming more and more urgent for companies to react.

How can improving your compressed air system be part of your energy efficiency plan?

Energy standards and regulations


The tertiary sector decree, also known as the Tertiary Energy Efficiency Scheme (DEE) is a regulatory obligation that imposes a progressive reduction of energy consumption in buildings with more than 1,000 m2 used for tertiary activities. The owners and tenants concerned will have to reduce their energy consumption by at least 40% in 2030, 50% in 2040 and 60% in 2050.

As of January 1, 2022, taxpayers must submit consumption data and a reference consumption year on the OPERAT platform by the first deadline of December 31, 2022.

Data submission and action plans will need to be repeated annually. The companies concerned will have to demonstrate that they have met the regulatory targets for reducing consumption. The unjustified absence of this information will expose the obliged party to penalties of up to 7,500 euros.

The NF EN ISO 50001 standard, , is intended for all organizations and aims to help them develop a methodical management of energy.

The energy performance according to the NF EN ISO 50001 standard is an effective lever to control costs in companies. It reduces energy bills and leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, allowing companies to contribute to their environmental and societal commitments.

The NF EN ISO 50001 standard specifies the requirements for an energy management system and provides recommendations for implementation.

Companies will then be able to demonstrate their compliance with the international standard through self-assessment or third-party certification.


More details on the website of the Ministry of Energy Transition

We accompany you towards energy sobriety

In order to accompany you in the implementation of your energy management system, Airmaxgroupe carries out energy audits of your compressed air plant and proposes a project adapted to your needs.


Several levers to reduce your energy consumption:


Leakage detection audit
Installation of a heat recovery system
Connected plant

The analysis of the performance allows us to propose you improvement tracks and concrete solutions. Contact us for an appointment

How to finance its compliance with energy standards and regulations?


The CEE or energy saving certificates are awarded, under certain conditions, to companies carrying out energy saving operations.


In the case of an installation, our sales teams in charge of your project will check your eligibility for CEE incentives.


Some installation projects are covered at 100%.