Oil-free technology for the food industry

Today, many technical solutions are available to manufacturers in the food industry. The gold medal goes to the oil-free compressed air solutions, which are perfect for achieving the environmental and performance goals expected in your industry.

Air quality standards and requirements.

Air quality and standards

Contrary to expectations, there are no standards or legislation that define a minimum acceptable level of purity for compressed air used in the manufacture of food products. However, all regulations stipulate that compressed air in this sector must be free of contaminants and must not present any health risk.

The quality approach in the food industry

The risks associated with poor air quality

Beware, the risks associated with untreated air can be significant if preventive measures have not been taken into account.

The risks are mainly due to :

  • Oil particles in the air,
  • Too much humidity,
  • The presence of dust.

To identify and address these elements, the entire supply chain must be scrutinized to ensure that compressed air purity levels are never compromised.

The advantages of oil-free compressed air solutions

In fact, oil-free compressors are the best option to overcome the above mentioned problems.

Oil free compressors

Oil-free technology offers many advantages:

1. Greater durability.

The air produced is free of contaminants, so your machines are less polluted. By installing this system, you will gain efficiency in the long term.

2. Minimized maintenance costs

As the name suggests, the oil-free compressor contains no oil in the compression chamber. As a result, this type of compressor is much less demanding in terms of maintenance. This results in financial savings.

3. Always legally compliant

Some processes in the food industry require clean, dry and oil-free air. You can't afford to risk contamination, or you'll be penalized. The oil-free technology offers you this comfort.

4. Trouble-free operation

When using electrical components, air purity is essential. These components can be damaged by the oil in the air, resulting in machine downtime and unnecessary expense.

Oil-free compressed air solutions designed for you

The machines presented below promise a class 0 oil-free air quality.


Compressors, the oil-free technology for the food industry

These oil-free air compressors are designed for applications requiring clean, pure air. As a result, your finished product benefits from superior air quality.

The best in this range remain those of the Compair brand

Link to the Compair range: https://www.compair.com/fr-fr/oil-free-compressors

Complementary solutions

To complete your compressor, we advise you to turn to the Beko range. All their products follow the general recommendations and guidelines. They are designed according to DIN-ISO 8573-1, as well as the VDMA and BCAS guidelines and recommendations.

To help you make your choice with complete peace of mind, you can contact one of our business managers.

His role is to advise you on your choice and to accompany you throughout the project, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting.