5 ways to save energy by optimizing your production facilities in the compressed air world

Save energy with your compressed air system. Compressed air use can account for up to 15% of your electricity bill. The share of energy consumption in the overall compressed air budget can vary from 60% to 90%*
*Depending on the application

Bingo, technical solutions can be put in place allowing you to reach a maximum energy efficiency rate on the entire plant. Implementing an energy management plan for compressed air allows a
company to save, on average, 25% of the bill.

5 ways to save energy

with your central air system

Number 1 : Air suction

The air intake temperature can be lowered during the air intake. This technique allows 1% gain in consumption every 3 degrees.


Number 2: The heat recovery unit

Installing a heat recovery unit will allow you to recover the heat from your compressor and send it to other rooms to heat your premises at a lower cost.
This trick can allow you to recover up to 60% of the energy released.

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Number 3: Setting up a pressure system

The installation of a system with several pressures makes it possible to pass from 7 bars to 6 bars and to carry out a saving of 8% of energy on average.

Number 4: Dry and filter the air only when necessary.

In some cases, it is not mandatory to implement large measures to filter and dry the air. If your activity requires you to filter and dry the air, beware of over-consumption.
Optimizing this part will allow you to achieve up to 5% energy savings.

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Number 5: Change your machines for more efficient equipment

Another tip is to replace your old machines with new ones. These will have a much lower energy consumption and will be better adapted to the needs of your structure. This tip can save you up to 7%.

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In conclusion, there are many ways to save energy and optimize your compressed air system. The production system is one of the five axes on which it is possible to act. For all structures, the issues related to the control of energy consumption are major points.

Calling on experts in the sector will allow you to optimize your solution. To do this, our business managers compare your current consumption with your actual needs. They offer you the best one, the one that meets your technical and financial needs.