Audit and control of compressed air usage

Optimize the use of your power plant according to your needs

Detecting malfunctions and providing solutions


Our technicians are equipped to audit your air networks and to establish a complete report of the corrections to be made.


Offer 1: Audit of the compressed air network distribution

  • Ensure proper sizing to limit pressure losses



Offer 2: Assess the use of compressed air on industrial process consumption points

  • Evaluation of the relevance of the use of air in its pressure and flow to limit waste


Offer 3: Air leakage detection

  • Identify, quantify and map leaks in the network

Do you know that?

The reduction of 1 bar of pressure thanks to a well dimensioned network is 10% of energy saving thanks to :

  • Reducing the consumption of your compressor
  • At the decrease of the air flow produced

Reducing your air consumption has a negative impact on your energy consumption.

30m3/h less for a process of 4000 h/year or 2/8, it is minimum 1200HT of gain.

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