Compair, inventor of compressed air solutions

The performance of a product put at your service

CompAir Compressor is a engineering and manufacturing company specializing in compressed air and gas systems. Many of the machines we offer at Airmax are from the Compair brand. 

Our goal is to offer you quality services and products. To meet this demand, Compair has become our official supplier for large-scale projects.


More about Compair


A range of products tailored to the needs of the market.

  1. Lubricated machine, with a product range from 2 to 250 kW. 
  2. Oil free machine, including Ultima, D-Series, DH-Series, Quantima, S-Series, R-Series.
  3. Air treatment, with the installation of heat recovery and compressed air management systems. 
  4. Mobile construction machine, from C10 to C270.
  5. Range of pneumatic tools, offering hammers, crushers, drills & moles.


Compair compressor, a world leading brand in compressed air and gas systems

A few years ago Compair joined the Ingersoll Rand Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of compressed air and gas systems. 

Discover the most efficient Compair compressors on the market

Their product line offers the most efficient compressors on the market today. The brands that have become the strength of this group over time are: Compair, Gardner Denver and Champion.


You will find these three brands at Airmax. Depending on your needs and uses, our experts will propose the best solution in terms of energy savings, cost reduction and comfort for your employees.


A 100% European product range

Compair is part of a 100% European group. The manufacturing plants of the machines are located in Germany, Finland, England and Italy.

The strength of the Compair brand is to combine innovation with high performance products.

Focus on Compair's innovation, the ICONN

An intelligent compression service, discover the ICONN 4.0


The Compair teams have created a new service called iConn. This solution allows compressed air users to gather in-depth, real-time knowledge about their system.


This application is essential for accurate production planning and total peace of mind about your investment. Technicians are alerted to alarms and problems before they know there is a problem.