Environmental standards and regulations: Energy efficiency actions on compressed air systems

The energy and ecological transition is now a priority. Companies are under great pressure from various stakeholders


All about nitrogen generation

We jump back in time and find ourselves back in school in the 4ᵉ grade. We are facing our


Oil-free technology for the food industry

Today, many technical solutions are available to manufacturers in the food industry. The gold medal goes to the oil-free compressed air solutions, perfect for


5 things to do in case of a breakdown

Is your compressed air system out of order? We share with you the 5 good things to do in case of a breakdown on your industrial compressor.


How to prepare your compressed air budget?

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The Sepem Industries of Angers 2021 - The return

Live from SEPEM Industries in Angers! During 3 days, meet our commercial and technical teams ready to welcome you and inform you about


CCE premiums for the installation of a heat recovery unit

The government's CEE scheme, Certificats d'Économies d'Énergie, is a bonus program dedicated to companies that make investments in order to reduce their energy consumption.


Heading for the SEPEM Industries in Angers 2021!

AIRMAX GROUP COMES TO ANGERS FROM NOVEMBER 23 TO 25 SAVE THE DATE - The Airmax Group teams will be in Angers from 23 to 25


5 ways to save energy by optimizing your production facilities in the compressed air world

Save energy with your compressed air system. Compressed air use can account for up to 15% of your electricity bill. As for the share of


Quality approach in the agri-food industry

Quality management in the food industry ISO 8573-1 STANDARD IN YOUR INDUSTRY The ISO 8573-1:2010 standard established by the International Organization for Standardization allows the classification of