The Airmax group, a player in the compressed air energy sector

We have become a compressed air energy contractor


Airmax Group, national network, ensures the sale, the maintenance and the after-sales service of your central compressed air and of complementary products. Our compressed air specialists innovate to find solutions for your business regardless of the size of your company.



Our business, providing global solutions in compressed air

Sale, installation, maintenance and after-sales service of central air and complementary products.

Optimize your plant, meet your eco-energy challenges, secure your activity.

Our mission is to accompany all our clients towards performance

To give all market players access to the latest innovations in compressed air energy with the same degree of expertise and support and the same proximity.


A team of compressed air specialists, boosted by its national network

We are a distribution network of 9 regional agencies spread throughout France.


A wide range of expertise in the field of compressed air at your service


Compressed air solutions for all your needs

The production of compressed air thanks to our range of lubricated or oil-free compressors, piston, screw, vane, scroll

The storage, thanks to the installation of air tanks

Air treatment, with our range of refrigeration or absorption dryers

Condensate treatment, with drains, collection networks and oil separators

The distribution, thanks to an aluminium or stainless steel network to be crimped.



Complementary solutions to boost your performance

The implementation of measuring instruments to accompany you in the standard Iso 50001,

The energy recovery,

The generation of nitrogen,

The production of breathing air made to measure in accordance with Iso 12021 standards,

The chilled water production,

The industrial vacuum.


Our key figures


years of existence for the Airmax group

In 2003, Claude Braud, sales manager of a leading international compressor manufacturer, took over one of his customers. In 2016, he integrated Belair and Airbel into the group to multiply talent.


geographical locations

Airmax Group is gradually integrating local agencies to become a major national player



Compressed air specialists

Who control the industrial park of their customers



Machine park

60 research and monitoring technicians




Among the biggest brands in the sector. Innovative products, a technological advance.