Compressed air in the wine / agricultural sector

A reliable process that contributes to the respect of sanitary standards and to the inertia of your production

Maximum air purity


Respect the sanitary standards


Inerting with nitrogen

The knowledge of your industry, the sanitary standards and the different air classes allows us to recommend a reliable installation of dry and clean compressed air. Clean air that preserves the quality of your production.   Nitrogen prevents the risk of explosion, protects the wine from oxidation and allows new uses to preserve your production.



Your uses, our business, Airmax makes your life easier


Our expertise at your service:

  • Supply the production and bottling units
  • Operate the tools, presses
  • To carry out the maintenance of the agricultural equipment
  • Inerting the tanks
  • Realization of air quality audit
  • Rental of additional equipment for periods of increased activity (grape harvest, harvest)
  • Installation of an air treatment system with an activated carbon column and/or catalyst
  • Installation of a CO2 or oxygen production plant for methanization activities


Client project

Client project