The compressed air energy audit, to know the best performance of your machines

Budget reduction solutions in line with your environmental policy


A global vision of the functioning of your equipment

The compressed air energy audit has the advantage of making a complete analysis of your fleet. 

  • Reading of power consumption
  • Measurement of actual compressor flow
  • Measurement of network pressure and pressure drops
  • Measurement of compressed air temperatures
  • Control of the efficiency of the air treatment
  • Assessment of wear and tear of machine components

Proposal for energy optimization and meeting the ISO 50 001 standard

The analysis of the performance allows us to propose you improvement tracks and concrete solutions such as :

  • Implement technological solutions to improve the plant's energy ratio
  • To guarantee the good control of the heat exchange
  • Provide energy recovery solutions
  • Control the use and leakage of compressed air in industrial processes
  • Implement a real-time management and control system for the performance of our equipment to ensure ongoing efficiency