Compressed air in the pharmaceutical / chemical / medical sector

Compliance with sanitary standards to ensure the quality of your products

Compressed air in the pharmacosmetic, chemical and medical sectors, means favouring your process and your specifications
as well as the quality of your customers' products


An answer for every air class

A choice of quality material

Our experts are familiar with the different air regulations for pharmacosmetics and medicinal air and are able to meet them with a compliant compressed air solution. The breadth of our range allows us to build a high quality and reliable solution.

Your uses, our business, Airmax makes your life easier

  • Insufficient air to meet your requirements
  • Offer you complementary solutions such as overpressure, industrial vacuum, chilled water and nitrogen
  • Control your operating costs


Our expertise at your service

  • Realization of air quality audit
  • Compliance with ISO standards
  • Installation of oil-free or lubricated compressors with adapted filter chains
  • Control and measurement with adapted instrumentation such as Watt Meter, Flow Meter, telemetry box
  • Installation of a compressor management and engagement box

Client project

Client project