Custom Solutions

Tailor-made solutions

  • We accompany you in the optimization of your compressed air plant and can propose a panel of complementary solutions after a complete audit of your needs.
  • We build efficient solutions by selecting the best technologies. A wide and innovative range of products from leading players in the market.


A la carte facilities

  • Whatever the space available, we have the solution and the skills to install your equipment and manage the distribution/connection system.
  • Girdling solution to optimize calorie recovery.
  • Outdoor installation with container or bungalow to answer a lack of space.
  • Craning access solution to meet access problems.
  • Ventilation system.


Financing solutions

  • Recommendations and solutions to control and reduce your budget and get a quick return on investment.
  • State aid, CEE bonus, help you to obtain subsidies.


Our partners

We work with all major manufacturers of industrial air compressors, dryers, nitrogen, refrigeration and vacuum systems and have over 30 years of experience in the construction, installation and maintenance of compressed air systems.