Air treatment in industrial sectors

Air treatment, the final solution to provide customers with a quality product


Air treatment to reduce breakdowns

Air treatment is essential in the so-called risk areas. With the right compressed air treatment, breakdowns and downtime can be reduced considerably. 


Simply because machines need clean, particle-free air to function properly, as well as meet the technical requirements of your industry. 


The ISO8573-1 standard, a guarantee of excellence

The ISO8573-1 standard defines the maximum quantity of impurities allowed per cubic meter of compressed air. No deviation is tolerated. Particles such as pollen, germs, oil aerosols as well as heavy metal particles such as lead and cadmium are prohibited.


These impurities in the ambient air can impair the proper functioning of the compressed air system and affect the quality of the products and even the health of the consumers.

Beware of impurities in the air that compromise your products

The compressor compresses the ambient air drawn in to the required pressure level. But the compression of the ambient air also increases the concentration of impurities. 


Without proper treatment, impurities inevitably enter the compressed air system and, depending on the production process, even contaminate the final product. Therefore, compressed air treatment is a key issue for process safety.


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