All about industrial vacuum

The industrial vacuum pump, your best ally in load movement


The set of solutions to produce and measure the vacuum is called vacuum. This process makes it possible to reach pressures below atmospheric pressure. Tight blocks are created, after which the gas present inside is extracted. An industrial vacuum pump is used to create the vacuum. 

The vacuum pump, your best ally in load shifting

Choosing your vacuum pump

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The vacuum pump is used to increase the efficiency of the installations by reducing the rejects. This system seeks to obtain a more homogeneous internal structure of the parts without the presence of air inclusions, which guarantees the success of the machining operations, and also allows the best surface conditions to be obtained after moulding.


The vacuum is also used to move heavy loads. Suction cups are placed on the element in question. By suction, a vacuum is created to move these parts, all thanks to suction cups.

Generally, vacuum pumps are used in industry for vacuum packaging, lifting and handling. As well as degassing and vacuum coating,

To choose your vacuum pump, you must take into account different parameters:

  • The volume to be pumped
  • Materials used in the vacuum chamber
  • The type of gas to be pumped
  • The type of vacuum you wish to obtain
  1. Understanding of your needs and development of specifications
  2. Audit, advice and choice of vacuum technology
  3. Reservation of supplies for the necessary machines
  4. Installation of selected machines
  5. Installation of machines and network
  6. Maintenance plan and choice of preventive services schedule

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